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  • PEKM wire harness production for Skoda Czech

    Skoda works with suppliers to secure cable harness production


    Skoda is working with suppliers including PEKM Kabeltechnik to set up alternative production sites for cable harnesses outside Ukraine in an attempt to solve supply bottlenecks caused by the ongoing war

  • AvtoVaz was forced to stop its plants several times in recent years because of the problems with components

    Russia struggles to repair its broken supply chain


    Western sanctions against Russia have all but ended Russian automotive production and the country is struggling to source parts from other markets and set up new supply routes to feed the remaining plants in operation

  • 280099_russiaisexportingmostfinishedvehiclesusingautomotivecarriers_671388

    Automotive logistics in Russia is in tatters


    Sanctions on Russia and the withdrawal of foreign carmakers has hit the automotive sector hard, with heavy losses felt by the transport provders

  • Ukraine social Post

    Ukraine’s vital link in the European supply chain


    The closure of Ukraine’s supplier industry and the impact on logistics routes reveals how important the country is to European automotive production

  • Russia Ukraine division

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a long-term risk for the automotive supply chain


    The impacts stretch beyond inflation and corporate retreats to critical shortages upstream for semiconductor and EV supply.

  • Ukraine Russia Conflict threatens supply chain

    Blog: Conflict in Ukraine disrupts auto supply in Europe and Russia


    Read rolling updates on the developing situation in Ukraine, wider Europe and Russia as it impacts the global automotive supply chain

  • shutterstock_2120015726

    Ukraine invasion causes widespread supply chain disruption


    The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shut down production across the country and led to widespread supply chain disruption in Europe, while sanctions threaten production in Russia

  • Ukraine border

    Ukraine border tension threatens automotive supply chain


    The threat of conflict between Russia and Ukraine is destablising the automotive supply chain in Eastern Europe and carmakers and tier suppliers are looking at alternative sources of imported parts

  • 2020_FL_Air_Frankfurt am Main (4) (1)

    Parts suppliers need to understand rules of origin


    Parts suppliers in the UK need to understand a few priorities about the rules of origin by the end of this year if they are to correctly assess the tariffs that will be applied

  • Forenso, BLG

    Water woes: how European river transport projects have ground to a halt


    In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland the authorities are embarking on big projects aimed at boosting cargo flows along key rivers. Potentially, this could provide more opportunities for the European finished vehicle logistics industry, but for a number of reasons it is not clear that river transport in the region will become more popular.

  • Ukraine-cars-import-300x200

    Ukraine introduces embargo on vehicle imports from Russia


    Since the beginning of July Ukraine’s government has prohibited the import of any vehicles or parts made in Russia, regardless of from where the shipment is coming or whether it is staying in Ukraine. The move is part of wider retaliatory sanctions on a range of products from Russia. ...

  • Imperial Logistics Poznan3 feature

    Progress for all to CEE


    In past decades, international investment has flowed into the automotive industry in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) primarily due to it being a low-cost production centre. However, these days the region has much more to attract such investment, including a well-trained workforce, a wide-ranging supplier base and improving logistics infrastructure, ...

  • 55_kodiaq_rs_ext_

    Ukraine sanctions risk Russian vehicle exports


    The growth in Russian vehicle exports during 2018 could be in jeopardy if a new bill to ban Russian vehicle imports is passed by the government in Ukraine, one of the biggest sales markets for Russian-made cars. According to figures from the Russian Federal Customs Service, in the first nine ...

  • maersk-line-7_web_copy

    Navigating uncharted waters


    At 04.00 on June 26 last year, Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of AP Moller-Maersk, was woken by a phone call from his office. That’s when he learned that the global shipping giant had fallen victim to a cyber-attack. Over the next few hours, the true severity of the incident became ...

  • skoda-kodiaq-580934216-700

    Skoda restores vehicle assembly in Ukraine


    Skoda is reintroducing volume assembly in Ukraine, making it the first foreign carmaker to produce cars in significant numbers there since 2014. The VW-owned company has boosted production at the joint-venture facility it set up with Atoll Holding Group subsidiary Eurocar back in 2001 at Solomonovo, just 2km from the ...

  • Ukraine cars import

    Ukraine’s automotive industry on its way to a revival


    Ukraine’s automotive market is building on the recovery that started at the end of last year, when the three-year slump in the passenger car market levelled off and a rebound began. Latest figures show that in the first half of 2017, the number of cars sold there rose 36% to ...

  • Lada_image_Avtovaz

    Russian car exports to Ukraine pick up


    Despite continuing geopolitical tensions between the two countries, car exports from Russia to Ukraine have shown signs of improvement for the first time in three years, according to the latest statistics from the Association of Ukrainian Motor Vehicles Manufacturers (UkrAutoprom). Russian vehicle exports to Ukraine fell 57% last year compared ...

  • Petro_Poroshenko_visit

    Component makers start to invest as Ukraine’s economy picks up


    The first signs of a recovery in the Ukraine automotive industry have begun to appear after several electric automotive components manufacturers recently announced plans to invest in plants in the west of the country with a view to exporting across Europe. In the last few years, the automotive industry in ...